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Chris Cooper

General Manager

Chris co-founded MBG Property Management in 2006. He specialized in hands-on, management of the daily operations of MBG’s properties. In this role, Chris promoted the company’s philosophy of “hard work, honesty, work until the work is done, and fix things once & fix them right.”

Today, Chris proudly oversees the operations of MBG’s 30 multi-family properties, a corporate staff of nine, and 80 onsite personnel. He is actively involved in recruiting, retaining, and training his team, creating the vision to transform apartment facilities into communities, and executing innovative, long term solutions within capital improvement budgets. Chris has an ambitious desire to expand MBG’s portfolio and is always educating himself on the available acquisition and development opportunities in the industry.

Chris began his career in property maintenance 1995, performing his first apartment “turn” at the age of 17. He spent time working for At Home Apartments, learning how respected industry peers operate their business(es).

Chris graduated from Minnesota State University in Mankato in 2003, and has completed a variety of both management, maintenance, and Real Estate coursework. He is a licensed CPO (Certified Pool Operator) and holds a boilers license.

Chris is dedicated to MBG’s mission to provide quality, clean and affordable living options for renters and strives to maintain MBG’s mission, because he understands the importance quality housing and creating communities.

Christina Kelsey

Market Portfolio Manager

Christina joined MBG in 2013 as a site manager. After 3-years of successfully demonstrating dedication, organization, and leadership she was promoted to Portfolio Manager in 2016. Her primary responsibilities include supervising onsite staff, managing revenue and expenses, maintaining the physical property, and building resident relations and retention.

Christina is perceived as a natural problem solver and shows high integrity in balancing the needs and interests of the owners, staff, and the apartment communities. Christina’s dedication to MBG’s mission is demonstrated on a daily basis through her passion to lead others.

Prior to joining MBG, Christina worked for CommonBond Communities as an onsite assistant property manager for more than 5-years.

Matt Perila

Accounting Manager

Matt joined MBG in late November 2020 and is responsible for managing the accounting function including accounts payable & receivable.  He specializes in financial management of the portfolio properties and brings to the function his strong work ethic and trained eye for detail.

Matt’s area of expertise at MBG includes initiating regular financial statements & reports for owners, investors and lenders, and preparing for annual audits and tax returns.

Matt graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelors in Accounting. He offers more than 30 years accounting experience.   Prior to joining MBG, Matt was an Accounting Manager for CBRE with a primary focus on preparing, reviewing and distributing monthly property financial statements.

Jackie Busse

Office Manager

Jackie Busse is the Office Manager for MBG Property Management. Jackie brings over 15-years of administrative experience in Office Management, Human Resources, and Accounting. She assists in the development and implementation of company policies and procedures, manages and oversees the administration of HR polies and maintains the corporate accounting.

Jackie’s role as the Officer Manager is versatile and expansive, as she also works with both residents and property owners by providing customer service and answering questions about status updates on larger projects.

Prior to MBG Property Management, Jackie was a Commercial Real Estate Broker Assistant for Minnesota Brokerage Group.

Juanita Pekay

Compliance Manager
(Janken Housing Solutions, Inc.)

Juanita is the owner and president of Janken Housing Solutions, Inc., a company that specializes in Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Project Based Section 8, HOME and Tax Exempt Bond compliance and training.  Juanita assists owners during acquisitions and renovations and reviews tenant files for owners, pre-approves households during lease-ups, approves initial certifications after properties have been acquired, and provides on-site training for site staff.  Juanita is committed to promoting the success of affordable apartment complexes and ensuring affordable housing assets are preserved.

Juanita has been a licensed real estate broker since 2000.  She owns and manages several market rate and affordable apartment buildings which are subject to multiple funding source regulations. Juanita graduated with honors from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 1990. Juanita’s expertise in multiple housing areas makes her a valuable asset to MBG Property Management as she contributes to MBG’s mission of providing quality, clean and affordable housing.

Jody Williams

Affordable Portfolio Manager 

Jody joined MBG in 2009 as a site manager. After 10-years of management, leadership, and demonstrating excellent customer service she was promoted to Affordable Portfolio Manager in 2019. Jody’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the operations of 13 housing communities and multiple site staff in the metro area, managing revenue and expenses, maintaining physical property, and building resident relations and retention.

Jody is a natural team-builder, and she excels around building and managing successful teamwork. Jody understands the value of highly collaborative group efforts that will add value through greater productivity and lead to better customer relations. Jody knows when a group works well together, it tends to achieve the best results.

Prior to working for MBG, Jody worked in an upscale retirement community as a Marketing Director and Resident Services Coordinator for 6 years. Jody also worked as a property manager in an Affordable Tax Credit “Seniors Only” property for 10 years. Additionally, Jody did the accounting for a small business for 2 years. Jody’s professional background and knowledge about affordable housing is an asset to MBG.

Jon Jewell

Maintenance Manager

Jon Jewell joined MBG Property Management in December 2012. With 20 years of property maintenance experience, Jon prides himself on maintaining positive resident relations and providing safe, clean, and affordable housing that welcomes residents with various backgrounds and experiences.

Prior to joining the MBG team, Jon worked with developers in Arizona on multi-million-dollar projects from concept to Certificate of Occupancy. He acquired the skills of adhering to strict budgets, meeting deadlines and exceeding project expectations.

Jon offers more than 30 years of trades experience and leadership. From working collaboratively with contracts to offering new innovated ways to improve future maintenance protocols, Jon treats evert property as his own, taking pride in his work.

Doug Berthiaume

Director of Maintenance

Doug Berthiaume joined MBG Property Management in July 2021. With over 10 years of experience in the maintenance and construction industries, Doug is driven to help others in need. When problems present themselves, Doug exerts his knowledge, experience, and compassion to better serve the residents.

Prior to joining MBG, he worked as a home inspector, a maintenance supervisor, and a carpenter. Doug has extensive experience managing capital expenditure projects and renovations. Doug graduated with honors in both Building Construction and Business Management. With multiple industry licenses and maintenance awards Doug considers himself a lifelong learner and always strive to learn more.

With his skills and abilities, Doug has been able to help many people. Doug leads our property management maintenance industry by leading his team by having professional boundaries, positivity, and being team oriented.