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Our company began in 2006 with just two people managing one distressed facility.  Within ten years we had a staff of 80 people managing more than 1,600 apartment units in the Twin Cities metro area and greater Minnesota.

As a small, family-owned property management firm, our steady growth can be attributed to our value proposition and clearly articulated acquisition strategy.

MBG's Value Proposition: We gain our competitive edge through hard work and a commitment to always - under every circumstance - doing business the right way.  We value safety, cleanliness, and affordability above profitability because we understand that the latter simply isn't sustainable without a commitment to the former.

MBG's Acquisition Strategy: We have a twofold strategic approaching to acquiring properties to manage.

- We buy subsidized housing at market rates, renovate the property, and increase revenue by providing communities with quality, clean and affordable housing options. 

- We buy non-subsidized but often distressed housing when the prices are down and then invest money into improving the look and feel of the interior (fresh paint, new lighting, refurbished or new floors) and exterior (modest but visible enhancements to landscaping and other contributors to the property's curb appeal). 

Our family is proud of the work we do because we offer our tenants a place they can be proud to call home.

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